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Company History

In May of 1988, Feed Ingredient and Transportation Services (FITS), our predecessor company, was founded. It offered to select feed manufacturers in the northeast a program whereby the feed manufacturer could outsource the time consuming and labor intensive functions of procurement of grain and feed ingredients, logistics management and inventory control. FITS essentially assumed the functions of the typical purchasing and traffic departments of those mills.

Founders Tom O’Connell and Rich Casler assumed these functions for three independently owned and operated feed mills in New York and New England, allowing the principals to devote more of their time on other growth related aspects of their business. FITS also provided transportation consulting services for feed milling operations throughout the northeast.

The FITS business model proved very successful. However, a fair portion of the original market territory being covered was not being accessed. Thus, the founders decided to extend services to the rest of the regional feed manufacturing industry by direct selling of grain and grain by products to other feed milling concerns in the traditional trading/jobbing manner. To do this, a sister company, Feed Ingredient Trading Company was formed, and it soon became an active and vital supplier of a full range of grain derived feed ingredients to the Northeast region’s feed manufacturing industry. Both companies ran in support of one another for seven years after which the two consolidated under one corporate structure, Feed Ingredient Trading Corp., but carrying on the service functions of each.

The company has enjoyed continued growth throughout its existence in tonnage, product lines and geographic reach. Trading personnel has expanded from the two original founders to seven full time traders and six trader assistants today. This trading staff specializes in and actively trades a full range of grains and grain based by-products. Each trader has been trained to provide the utmost in customer service following products sold from the shipment through delivery to the buyer’s milling location.

The success of Feed Ingredient Trading Corp. can be traced to its ability to develop and retain the trust of those it services and works with; feed mills, product vendors, and providers of other services necessary to fulfill its function. This has led to long term, mutually beneficial relationships that have enhanced the success of both Feed Ingredient Trading Crop and its trading partners.

Feed Ingredient Trading has expanded its marketing efforts through out the Atlantic Coast states to Florida and west into the Gulf Coast States. Establishing relationships with the feed manufacturing industries in the states west of New York and into Canada, Feed Ingredient Trading Corp’s long range objective is to expand its marketing coverage from coast to coast and into the burgeoning livestock markets of the Pacific Northwest, California and the South West.

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