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Feed Ingredient Trading Corp's (FITC) mission is to provide grain and grain by-products to the livestock feed manufacturing industry throughout North America, together with offering other products and services that enhance those feed mills' total supply needs, procurement, and logistical efforts. We strive to build long lasting trading relationships with our business partners based on trust and mutual respect by placing the utmost, unparalleled emphasis on customer service and competitive pricing.



From day one, the primary function of Feed Ingredient Trading Corp was to offer and provide procurement services to livestock feed manufacturers in their efforts to supply their mills with quality, low cost feed ingredients...

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Hand in hand with procurement services, logistics expertise is as important if not more so than the procurement effort itself.  While purchasing has its own set of challenges in many cases, the challenges in getting that product to the mill...

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Risk Management

Risk Management has become almost a necessity for most agricultural industries that buy, sell, store, transport, or process grains or grain products.  Markets have evolved to display seemingly ever greater volatility than has been seen in decades….

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Logistical Woes

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It is no new news to our customers that logistical issues have been a major issue through this most brutal of winters.  But, just how bad has it really been??  Click on the link below to get an update on the situation and what it is going to take to rectify it.  Please Click Here

Corn Prices This Year

Monday, December 02, 2013

With a large corn crop in the bin from this year’s harvest, it is only natural to expect some pressure on corn prices thru this crop year.  But, factor in a reduction to one of the more significant demand items for corn, i.e. ethanol, and prices could fall to levels that would reignite subsidy payments to farmers that far surpass those of the past few years, putting even more demand on the federal government and its needs to cut spending.  For more info on how the ethanol requirements set by the EPA figure into the “equation“ on corn prices and potential government subsidies, please go to the link.


Monday, December 02, 2013

All in all, it was a pretty good year for most sectors of the agricultural production in New York State.  Corn production was at an all time high.  And, while soybean production may have been down overall, that can be attributed to a reduction in acres as the yield reached a high of 47 bushel to the acre.  Read more about New York’s agricultural production for the 2012-2013 crop year.


Friday, November 22, 2013

USDA has reported today this crop year’s production figures for New York State for both corn and soybeans.  While not one of the major grain producing states in the nation, New York continues to grow respectable amounts of grain to supply not only our regional feed markets, but also the ethanol plants here in the each and the containerized export programs off the Atlantic Coast.  Attached is the article on New York State’s grain production in the 2012-2013 crop year.


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Have you sensed that MAYBE your cars of ingredients have been getting to you a little faster??  Maybe there have been fewer derails, terminal congestion, and maybe even better local service??  Well, maybe it hasn’t been you imagination.  In a recent report by the Soy Transportation Coalition, the CSXT has been named the top ranked railroad in the US, surpassing the UP which has held that distinction for the past two years.  Even the NS improved its ranking in the report, moving up from fourth to third place.  Don’t you CPRS end users get all excited though.  The CP came in dead last in the rankings for the third year in a row.  See the complete article,.

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