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Risk Management has become almost a necessity for most agricultural industries that buy, sell, store, transport, or process grains or grain products.  Markets have evolved to display seemingly ever greater volatility than has been seen in decades….perhaps the greatest since the late 60’s and 70’s during the days of the “Great Russian Grain Robbery” !!!!  Violent price movements, up or down, threaten the very viability of many companies within our industry, not to mention the cash flow requirements necessary to maintain risk management strategies.  Feed Ingredient Trading can work with your individual needs and help you determine the need for a risk management strategy and your tolerance for risk.  With the plethora of risk management tools that can be utilized, the FITC team can suggest those tools and a strategy that might bring some measure of risk management to your operation.  While we are not a futures or options brokerage firm and do not directly trade such instruments for customers, we can put you in touch with reputable brokerage houses whose business it is to trade these products.  A risk management strategy is essential to any comprehensive procurement plan or program. 

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