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Risk Management

Risk Management has become almost a necessity for most agricultural industries that buy, sell, store, transport, or process grains or grain products.  Markets have evolved to display seemingly ever greater volatility than has been seen in decades….perhaps the greatest since the late 60’s and 70’s during the days of the “Great Russian Grain Robbery” !!!!  Violent price movements, up or down, threaten the very viability of many companies within our industry, not to mention the cash flow requirements necessary to maintain risk management strategies.  Feed Ingredient Trading can work with your individual needs and help you determine the need for a risk management strategy and your tolerance for risk.  With the plethora of risk management tools that can be utilized, the FITC team can suggest those tools and a strategy that might bring some measure of risk management to your operation.  While we are not a futures or options brokerage firm and do not directly trade such instruments for customers, we can put you in touch with reputable brokerage houses whose business it is to trade these products.  A risk management strategy is essential to any comprehensive procurement plan or program. 


Hand in hand with procurement services, logistics expertise is as important if not more so than the procurement effort itself.  While purchasing has its own set of challenges, in many cases the challenges in getting that product to the mill in a timely manner and at a competitive price can be at least equally intense.  Feed Ingredient Trading has long standing relationships with a myriad of trucking concerns that run every sort of rig you may need to get product from its source to the production facility.  Close communication between us and those we deal with in the trucking industry keeps us appraised of which trucks need to get from one place to another allowing us to match loads needing to be hauled with the available supply of truckers in position to do those loads.  May of these truckers rely upon Feed Ingredient Trading to supply them with a fixed number of guaranteed loads each week.  This allows us to get those products we purchase to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.  In terms of rail transportation, Feed Ingredient Trading maintains close relations with each of the Class 1 railroads coast to coast as well as with the regional carriers where our customers are so as to facilitate rail transport of goods and products to destinations in as seamless a manner as possible.  One of the original purposes and functions of the company was to provide consulting services for customers needing help from the rail carriers to facilitate flow of products to their mill sites.  We are still in the business of offering these sorts of services.  Are you experiencing problems in any of your logistics needs?  If so, we are only a phone call or e-mail away, and are ready to help if we can!

Procurement / Trading

From day one, the primary function of Feed Ingredient Trading Corp was to offer and provide procurement services to livestock feed manufacturers in their efforts to supply their mills with quality, low cost feed ingredients.  Initially, the procurement service that was offered to clients was to have FITC act as the purchasing department of the grain and grain by-products for feed manufacturers thus freeing up their time to concentrate on other aspects of their business.  These services were offered on a fee basis with the fee determined by the tonnage handled and the complexity of the logistics in getting these products to the customer’s facilities.  As we grew and others wanted the type of services we were providing to the original customers, services were offered to accounts on a “cost plus” basis.  Today we work with a number of feed milling concerns in numerous ways.  We can custom tailor a purchasing program for a feed mill’s procurement needs right from handling any one specific ingredient for the customer up to handling a mill’s total grain and grain product purchasing function.  In some cases we even provide purchasing consulting services on any and all grains or by-products upon which the customer wants advice.  If you feel you could use help in this facet of your operation, let’s talk!


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