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From day one, the primary function of Feed Ingredient Trading Corp was to offer and provide procurement services to livestock feed manufacturers in their efforts to supply their mills with quality, low cost feed ingredients.  Initially, the procurement service that was offered to clients was to have FITC act as the purchasing department of the grain and grain by-products for feed manufacturers thus freeing up their time to concentrate on other aspects of their business.  These services were offered on a fee basis with the fee determined by the tonnage handled and the complexity of the logistics in getting these products to the customer’s facilities.  As we grew and others wanted the type of services we were providing to the original customers, services were offered to accounts on a “cost plus” basis.  Today we work with a number of feed milling concerns in numerous ways.  We can custom tailor a purchasing program for a feed mill’s procurement needs right from handling any one specific ingredient for the customer up to handling a mill’s total grain and grain product purchasing function.  In some cases we even provide purchasing consulting services on any and all grains or by-products upon which the customer wants advice.  If you feel you could use help in this facet of your operation, let’s talk!

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