The End of Affordable Food in the USA?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

First it was the government’s decision to divert base food stocks (primarily corn) from the food supply chain for use in energy production (the economics of such is still highly debatable), and now uninformed, shortsighted efforts by groups such as this Green America and its use of economic blackmail tactics in terms of use of genetically modified products, that are insuring that no longer will it be a goal to provide wholesome and nutritious  food to our citizens at a reasonable and affordable cost (see link below).  Both efforts result in reduced production of feed stocks and, thus, results in higher prices for foodstuffs.  With the ethanol process highly questionable from an economic perspective, and this non-GMO effort based mis-truths and with no basis in scientific study and analysis, one has to wonder what the true objectives are in these efforts.  It is time that the agriculture industry take a strong and forceful stand regarding issues such as these and get the REAL story out about the value of our industry to the long term sustainability of a plentiful, reliable and affordable food chain.  (Comment by Rich Casler, President FITC).

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